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In Haiti: A road trip documentary (English)

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Watch the movie in other languages & check out the video interviews with the filmmakers: Synopsis: An unique road trip. An unprecedented, genuine portrait of Haiti. Filmed in Cap-Haitien, Hinche, Port-au-Prince and Petit Goave in 2008, two years before the devastating earthquake -- world food prices were dramatically increasing and an UN peacekeeping mission was going on. The film is a record of pre-earthquake Haiti. In Haiti follows the two filmmakers and friends, Florian Wiesner and Fabian Bohnet-Waldraff on a month-long road trip through the island. During their journey they get immersed in the different and complex aspects of haitian reality.  Instead of focusing on the usual poverty/violence topics seen in the mass media, the filmmakers present a colorful and deeper picture of the country and its people. The movie is also about road stories, improbabilities, impressions and anecdotes. Some of the issues explored by this documentary are: The school and health system, the causes of deforestation and food insecurity. An insight is also given on the history of the country and the voodoo religion. Directed & Edited by: Florian Wiesner Produced by: Fabian Bohnet- Waldraff & Florian Wiesner Associate Producer: Sacha Nelson Written by: Florian Wiesner & Fabian Bohnet-Waldraff Camera: Fabian Bohnet-Waldraff Supervising Editor: Fabian Bohnet-Waldraff Animations by: Moritz Esser Illustrations by: Silke Jasper Sound Mixing: Jonas von Troschke Advisor: Leron Katsir Animation and illustration studio: Die alte Blechnerei - Freiburg Satellite imagery provided by: Map data ©2013 Google, INEGI, MapLink Imagery ©2013 TerraMetrics, Cnes/Spot Image, DigitalGlobe, GeoEye, US. Geological Survey - Imagery ©2013 TerraMetrics, Map data ©2013 Google, INEGI, MapLink - Imagery ©2013 TerraMetrics, Map data ©2013 Google, INEGI - Imagery ©2013 TerraMetrics, Map data ©2013 Google - Imagery ©2013 Cnes/Spot Image, DigitalGlobe, GeoEye, US. Geological Survey, Map data ©2013 Google - Imagery ©2013 Cnes/Spot Image, DigitalGlobe, GeoEye, Map data ©2013 Google - Imagery ©2013 DigitalGlobe, GeoEye, Map data ©2013 Google - Imagery ©2013 GeoEye, Map data ©2013 Google - Map data ©2013 Google Special Thanks Claudette Leconte, Nicole Etienne, André Nelson, Joachim Wiesner, Myriam Wiesner, Guilma Augustin, Cheramy, Monika Falkenberg, Myriam Torchon, Chilian Marines, UDMO & UNPOL Cap-Haitien, Marcel Brünet, Franz Leithold, Uwe Nüssle, Jörg Blum, Friedhelm Voigt, Jonas von Troschke, Sebastian Bender, Albert Schilling, HeikeDrotbohm, Niklas L. Cooper, Ralf Tauscher, Rodrigo San Roman, Sarah Herndon, Lena Moormann Schmitz, Poppy Image, Leron Katsir and Katia Masias. This movie would not have been possible without the help of our Kickstarter backers Sacha Nelson, Angela Bröcker, Katia Masias, Anne Bohnet-Wörmann, Alexandra Dorvil, Coco Henselmann, DIE VISION GmbH, Olaf Otte, Floriana Bonera, Naike Saint-Pierre, Gesemia Nelson, Pawan Nelson, Marie-Josée Franz, Michael Westphal, Bettina Meyer-Heubach, Roberto Ruiz, Alex Nelson, Jean Tipan Verella, Reto Baumgartner, Krystel, Ulrike Wiesner, Violeta Masias, Rodrigo San Roman, Emy Gustavsson, Nora Schenkel, Anna Holt, Federico Levi, Catalina Jaime, Martin Pape, Céline Gagne, Philipp Abele, Ralf Tauscher, Marie Michèle Jussome, JC Nelson, Melina Wyatt, Maren Kern, Martin Tschirner, Jörg Schwöbel, Stefan Stängle, James Morgan, Daniel R Hawes, Florentina Williamson, Uli Riedlberger, Hilde Fonkoué, Alice Smeets, Sarah Holtkamp, Maud Oustry, Adrian Driewer, Josip Delic, Judith Schneider, Christina Berghoff, Edy Larco, Lina Kruse, Marie Colmant, Gabriel Lisera, Holger Ceskutti, Jan Vytiska, Stefan Walther, Nico Weinert, Ed Joseph, Sarah Spieler, Kyrah Daniels, Giorgio Vo, Marat Murzabekov, Anna Spysz, Anja Kreuz, Lisa Kreuzenbeck, Xavi Theyogi, Catherine Zanev, Dieter Winter, Antra Bosca, Natalis, Katharina Klein, Nick, Fine, Babsi, Hannah, Daphne Dawn, Estella Schweizer, Charlotte Jungmann, Marjan Celikik, Gwendolyn, Elisabeth Fink, Patrick Jerome, Frosina Malcheska, Karoline Rietzler, Shadi Raz, Kedy Edme, Matthias Wiesenberger, Nina, Bianca, Anna Bold, Jesus Herrera, Zoe Berger, Jade, Yonca, Bruce Charles Wuilloud, Zoe Boekbinder, Chase Simmering, Rina, Ben Pierre, Amit Kohli, Supreme Definition and Chrisón. Thank you
Posted November 13, 2015
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