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About Haiti NGOs

Haiti NGOs is a project of the 11thdepartment.com and part of the family of websites supporting Haiti and the Diaspora.

The Haiti NGOs website exist to support all Haiti-related nonprofit organizations doing work in the Haitian Diaspora and in Haiti. It exists to also support visitors interested in connecting with Haiti nonprofits, or learn more about their activities.

Benefits For Haiti NGOs

The platform offers Haiti NGOs a great way to communicate and share their success stories, their projects and needs, news, volunteerism opportunities, events, and more.

Haiti NGO members will find productivity, marketing, and e-commerce tools to help them manage and promote what they do more effectively, and at a much lower cost than using several third-party applications. Learn more here.

Best of all, Haiti NGOs helps you to attract the very people you're targeting--those who care about and love Haiti the way you do.

Benefits for Visitors

Now you can easily connect with Haiti-related NGOs in the Diaspora and in Haiti, volunteer to support their work, donate, stay current with their activities, and attend events. Sign up for free and start connecting in a better way with causes you care about.

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