Global Entrepreneurship Week Haiti Baptist Hospital doctors transform face of Haitian girl in life-saving surgery

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    OCTOBER 15, 2015


    Video: Neissa Azor, an 8-year old girl from Haiti, traveled to South Florida to receive life saving surgery at Baptist Hospital for a life saving surgery. The operation transformed her face. Video and photos by Al Diaz/Miami Herald Staff
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  • Fernande Romelus flinched when photos of her daughter flashed on a giant screen.

    She blinked away tears and peered into 8-year-old Neissa Azor’s face, as if to make sure the massive tumor that had protruded from her little mouth was really gone.

    It is, thanks to a chance encounter in their home country of Haiti — and a team of doctors, surgeons and nurses at Baptist Hospital of Miami, who performed a life-saving surgery for free.

    Wearing white ribbons in her pigtails, Neissa returned to the hospital Thursday so doctors could describe her incredible case. A day after being released, she smiled for the dozens of people who came together to care for her.

    “Thank you so much,” she said. “God bless you.”

    Neissa was a 3-year-old girl in Port-au-Prince when her mother first noticed something was wrong. A little bump had appeared on the right side of her face shortly after the devastating earthquake of 2010. It never stopped growing.

    Eventually, the tumor took over Neissa’s face until it hung out of her mouth, stretching her eye and nose, and dislocating her teeth.

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