Washington, DC, United States
Created by GEW Haiti on 8/3/15

The National Organization for the Advancement of Haitians (NOAH) was founded in 1991 as a U.S. based 501© (3) not-for-profit social policy corporation in response to the refugee crisis resulting from political unrest and upheaval in Haiti. NOAH serves as a national, non-partisan organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of democracy in Haiti. The organization is dedicated to providing medical and humanitarian relief to Haitians from Natural Disasters and facilitating the training of Haitian medical professionals and building of medical care infrastructure in Haiti.

Since its inception, NOAH has worked to broaden understanding of Haiti, its people, its culture and its challenges to regain economic independence and stability. Through information, education, and its medical missions, NOAH plays a critical and pivotal role in building support for Haiti advocating “Empowerment through Unity”.

NOAH is recognized as a public policy information clearinghouse and advocate for the democratization of Haiti and is consulted by the executive branch of the United States as an intermediary between the governmental and the private sectors within Haiti and abroad.

NOAH has crafted its MISSION around the following fundamental principles:

To champion democracy in Haiti.
To serve as an information clearinghouse providing business and investment opportunities.
To advance humanitarian efforts and initiatives.
To create greater awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Haitian culture and society.
To encourage the interactive participation of Haitian-Americans in the multi-cultural fabric of the United States.
To promote and reinforce a new image and vision for Haiti.

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